Paper value chain lives up to its commitment as recycling rate reaches 73.9% in 2020

The European paper value chain is proud to announce that it reached the trajectory set back in 2016 to achieve 74% recycling in 2020.

73.9% of all paper consumed in Europe was recycled in 2020. Compared to 2019, 2020 brought another strong increase and if we look back 20 years ago, paper recycling even increased by 40%.

The European Paper Recycling Council is monitoring the development of the European Paper recycling rate and its progress towards the set target of 74% recycling rate by 2020. The European paper recycling rate is defined as the ratio between used paper recycling including net trade of paper for recycling and paper and board consumption. The full monitoring report including action by the EPRC signatories and supporters in the fields of collection, eco-design, research and education is available here. 

Source and full ERPC press release:

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