LIFE calls for proposals 2024

The European Commission has recently published the 2024 LIFE calls for proposals, including topics related to the circular ecomomy.

EuRIC: Europe's textiles sorting industry in crisis; urgent EU action needed

The industry responsible for sorting discarded textiles for reuse and recycling is on the brink of collapse across Europe, with urgent alarms ringing from the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. Without immediate intervention, this crisis will escalate, causing irreversible economic and environmental damage.

Green Advisory Service for Sustainable Investments Support: GREEN ASSIST

The Green Advisory Service for Sustainable Investments Support (Green Assist) is a new advisory initiative under InvestEU, funded from the LIFE programme.

EEA report on state of and outlook for circular economy

The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) recently published report offers a comprehensive analysis of the state of play of the transition to a more circular economy in Europe and the strong policy push we have seen lately, together with options and prospects to further accelerate it.

Source: full EEA report available here

Joint statement calling for the ban of single-use e-cigarettes in the European Union, UK and EEA

The Associations listed below are together calling for the complete ban of single-use e-cigarettes (vapes) by the end of 2024 due to the negative impact they have on communities, and the environment, and to the objectives of the circular economy.

Recyclers urge EU action to protect Europe’s plastics recycling industry from ‘recycled’ plastics influx, amid PPWR talks

In response to the ongoing negotiations on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), EuRIC, representing the recycling industry, urges legislators to protect Europe’s plastics recycling sector and immediately address the massive imports of plastics labelled as recycled.

ECHA launches new chemicals database

ECHA maintains the largest chemicals database in the European Union (EU), combining industry-submitted data with information generated in the EU’s regulatory processes. ECHA CHEM is the new solution to share with the public the growing amount of information hosted by the Agency.

EuRIC Unveils EU Recyclers’ Priorities for 2024–2029

EuRIC, the European Recycling Industries' Confederation, has revealed its strategic priorities for 2024-2029, aimed at integrating recycling into Europe's broader industrial and environmental agenda. Aligned with circular economy goals and emphasising the symbiotic relationship between circularity and climate policies, EuRIC advocates for a paradigm shift in how Europe approaches recycling.