The Council adopts conclusions on the circular economy – Circular economy 2.0

On 4th October 2019 the Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on "More circularity - Transition to a sustainable society".

Recently adopted EU legislation helps tackle marine litter from plastics, improves chemicals management and increases the recycling of materials. The Council stresses in its conclusions that further ambitious efforts are needed to stimulate a systemic transition to a sustainable society.

The Council invites the Commission to come up with an ambitious long-term strategic framework, including a common vision for a circular economy and to adopt a new circular economy action plan with targeted actions.

The Council calls for action to promote circularity systemically across the value chain, including from the consumer perspective, in key sectors including textiles, transport, food as well as construction and demolition. The Council also stresses the need for more measures on batteries and plastics.

Full Council press release (source of this article and photo) and Council conclusions:

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