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Circular Economy – Virtuous Circle Tour in Hungary – European Commissioner for Environment Karmenu Vella visited Budapest

On 24th June 2019, 100 participants focused on the crucial questions for the future of Hungary’s circular economy:

  •  If circular economy approaches mean business opportunities, profits and jobs, how can Hungarian businesses, cities, ministries, regions, and citizens work together to create circular value?
  • What do Hungarian regions and companies need to do to reduce waste and manage it better? How can they get the economic incentives and systems right and make the markets for secondary raw materials work?
  • What pressures will global resource pressures put on Hungary’s economy, and how can future competitiveness be ensured through resource efficiency?

European Commissioner for Environment Karmenu Vella was joined by Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation Laszlo Gyorgy and Balázs Weingartner, Minister of State for Sustainability for an opening plenary, followed by experts from Hungary and around Europe. 

Source and conference summary:

Speech by Commissioner Vella at the conference:

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